Storm X-menMy interpretation of Mucha's SpringCheshire CatDaturaVirginia Woolf by Vanessa BellBlackberriesMumm-RaOctopus and shipCalligraphy quillMotorcycleFox Ella with graphic notationGirl with headdressWolfFrida KahloGirl with tealOrpheus mythFrenchieRhododendronMom PortraitBrush strokes cover upGirl with flowersImpossible CubeBlue HeronKakapo cover upGirl with wolf and poemCalder InspiredLion #3Baby RobotsOctopusRoses and circuitsLion #2Goat skullShipCompass RoseHeart reworkFlower add on to bird(not by me) inspired by ChagallThe Scream lithograph by Edvard MunchFoxAddition to existing lower arm(not by me)Based on poem by Elizabeth Bishop"at the fishhouses"Girl with UmbrellaDiamondPoppy and LavendarColorsTigerLionFemme Fatale Blue birdsBicycle heartThistle and BeeTwiggyBallerinaPocket watch with ink splatter and brush strokesGeometric Folk Art flowersCompass cover upFox with brush strokesMetal Gear Solid Concept DrawingBubo from Clash of the TitansBird with cherry blossomsFox on a log with brush stokesBat brush strokes and splatter dripsGeometric cover upFolk Art Bird cover upgirl with horns and peoniesBird in NestPoppy FlowersBoy catching a starHope is the thing with feathersink and watercolor flowersSquid with brushstrokes/halftone(based on illustration by Ernst Haeckel)David Bowie tributebrain neuronsSweet Thunder Huffy bikeed gorey illustrationHumpback whale with bonesshure mic w/ filigree and halftone dotssurreal tree womendirigible with paint splattermondrian inspiredstarry night van goghdragonfly with swirlssquid with halftone dotsSunflowerdeer with halftone dotsbrush stroke and splatterAmpersandsnowflakes with swirls and splatterfolk art pheasant and flowersvictorian anatomical illustrationowl with flowers and filigreekandinsky inspiredpicassowind in the willows